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Krieger / Re: tanking (like) a boss... guide ausm blizzard forum
« am: 27. August 2013, 23:48:26 »
Dont feed the troll wiggle

Klassenforen / Stamina/Ausdauer - wie wichtig für Tanks?
« am: 08. August 2013, 14:01:44 »
Hatten ja gestern kurz am Rand die Frage, wie wichtig Ausdauer bei Tanks wirklich ist. Da gibt's ja auch sehr viele Meinungen drüber und wahrscheinlich haben 10 Tanks 10 verschiedene Meinungen dazu.

hier wird ganz interessant etwas über Ausdauer erklärt, wobei natürlich die spezifischen Bezüge auf den Protpala ausgelegt sind und der Post auch schon eine Zeit her ist. Für den interessierten Leser aber sicher nicht ganz uninteressant:

1. You will never need more stam than what comes on gear. You are not doing heroics this week. It is silly to have such a high default weight for stam. It is silly to gem solid cuts.

I completely disagree, for several reasons.  The first is that you don’t have the proper perspective to make that statement.  Looking at your armory, you’ve cleared a few heroic bosses in 5.0/5.1 content, and cleared all of the normal modes numerous times.  That means you are going into Throne of Thunder with above-average gear for the first few normal modes.  In other words, you may have more than enough stamina on your gear because you overgear the fights.

However, the average raider hasn’t cleared all of the 5.1 content.  They are going into ToT significantly undergeared for even the first few bosses.  And when you are undergeared, your absolute, 100% guaranteed, there-really-is-no-argument-to-be-had-here-so-don’t-even-try stat is STAMINA.  Get the health you need to survive long enough to receive heals.  Period. This is exactly the reason that hard-mode progression tanks stack Stamina early on – to meet the EH checks they run into when running content they significantly undergear.

2. The best way to reduce stress on healers is by lowering incoming damage. Stamina does not lower incoming damage at all. You take more damage if you forgo tanking stats for stam. The term manasponge came about for a reason. It is not a term of endearment.

This is another falsehood that gets tossed about by inexperienced tanks.  The term “mana-sponge” stopped being relevant somewhere around Burning Crusade.  Yes, a tank stacking Stamina does take more damage than a tank stacking, say, mastery.  Does that make them a worse tank? I’d say that the answer is unequivocally “No.”

If your goal is taking the absolute least damage possible, you should be stacking avoidance.  Pound for pound, avoidance gives more “total damage reduction” (TDR) than any other stat.  You know what our absolute worst TDR stats are? Hit, expertise, and haste.

Yet looking at your armory, you seem to have reforged much of your dodge and parry into hit, expertise, and haste.  So we are confronted with a conundrum: either

The fact is that TDR hasn’t been relevant since BC or Wrath, depending on who you ask.  Potentially very briefly at the beginning of Cataclysm, when healers were undergeared, but that quickly ended once they started acquiring even a little bit of normal-mode raid loot.  Healers simply do not run out of mana healing tanks nowadays, even in 25-man.  They run out of mana for all sorts of other reasons – excessive raid damage being the primary culprit – but if you take any half-decent healer and tell them their only job is to heal any half-decent tank, mana will never be an issue.

What kills tanks is not their healer running out of mana, but running out of time.  Spike damage is what kills tanks, and it’s what has been killing tanks since time immemorial.  Taking a few too many large hits in a row while your healer is distracted, stunned, moving, or what have you.  That is how tanks die.


Paladin / Prot Solo Tankig Throne of Thunder
« am: 31. Juli 2013, 09:49:28 »

Schamane / 5.4 Änderungen Heilschami
« am: 09. Juli 2013, 14:57:41 »

    Chain Heal's effectiveness will no longer decrease with each jump (up from a 30% reduction to healing with each jump).
    Earth Elemental Totem's summoned Greater Earth Elemental will no longer taunt off players that are tank-specialized.
    Healing Rain's radius has been increased to 12 yards, up from 10 yards. For 25-player instances, Healing Rain will heal for a reduced amount when healing more than 14 raid members. It remains the same in 10-player instances, healing for a reduced amount when healing more than 6 raid members.


    New Talent: Rushing Streams. This new talent replaces Healing Tide Totem, increases healing done by Healing Stream Totem by 100%, and causes the totem to heal 2 targets at once.
    Healing Tide Totem is no longer a talent and is a baseline ability for all Shamans. Additionally, this totem will now heal 12 raid members (up from 5) when used in a 25-player instance.

BAM wenn das so kommt wäre es extrem geil, kein Healverlust mehr beim Chain Heal, Regen größerer Radius, und vor allem das mit dem Totem geht ab, das eine gibt's fix, das andere 100% mehr Heal auf 2 statt 1 Member. Absolut geil!

Klassenforen / Re: Max DPS in 522 Gear, Patch 5.3
« am: 27. Juni 2013, 14:34:04 »
solche listen sind sowas von nicht relevant... das sind patchwork fights...

Deswegen gibt's eine Max-Liste für ideale Patchwerk fights und eine realistische Liste mit Movement etc.  licht

Klassenforen / Re: Max DPS in 522 Gear, Patch 5.3
« am: 27. Juni 2013, 09:54:13 »
Gut, dass wir 2 Shadows haben  poke ;D

Klassenforen / Max DPS in 522 Gear, Patch 5.3
« am: 27. Juni 2013, 09:53:14 »
Mal wieder ein Update wens interessiert:

Max DPS 522 ilvl:

Realistische DPS 522 ilvl:

Krieger / Re: 5.2
« am: 28. März 2013, 13:49:04 »

Hotfix von vor ein Paar Tagen, lt. MMO:

 Warrior (Forums, Talent Calculator)
Execute (Arms) damage and AP scaling increased by 4%.
Impending Victory (Arms) damage and AP scaling increased by 4%.
Intimidating Shout now has a 1.5 min cooldown, up from 1 min.
Raging Blow no longer requires you to be Enraged.
Raging Blow Off-Hand no longer requires you to be Enraged.

Impending Victory (Arms) damage and AP scaling increased by 4%.
Staggering Shout - Damage caused may interrupt the effect.

Addons + UI / WeakAuras Strings
« am: 15. März 2013, 16:39:27 »
Gude, hab auf meinem Protpala Blog eine Sammlung von WeakAura-Strings gefunden. Neben Prot Pala gibt es auch fast für jede Klasse/Specc was, ist vielleicht für den einen oder anderen interessant.


Klassenforen / Re: T15 DPS Rankings
« am: 12. März 2013, 12:58:36 »
Und dazu ganz wichtig: FAQ -> letzter Punkt.

Natürlich in perfektem Patchwerk-Fight, wie heißt es so schön, "take it with a grain of salt".

Klassenforen / T15 DPS Rankings
« am: 12. März 2013, 08:23:56 »

Natürlich in perfektem Patchwerk-Fight, wie heißt es so schön, "take it with a grain of salt".

Aber bittet, DK from top to bottom, Feuermage der Schlechteste, Combat-Schurken-Comeback und der Enhancer auch gut abgestürzt.

Ankündigungen / Re: Patch 5.2 ab morgen!
« am: 05. März 2013, 14:37:47 »
New World Bosses - Nalak and Oondasta

Nalak and Oondasta are the two new World Bosses added in Patch 5.2. You can find Nalak on the Isle of Thunder after the final stage has been unlocked and Oondasta on the Isle of Giants north of Kun-Lai Summit. Nalak is the equivalent of the Sha of Anger and Oondasta is tuned for Heroic difficulty raid groups.

Don't forget that the Mists of Pandaria world bosses now all use the new Tap to Faction system, offering anyone on the same faction as the group who tagged it a chance to take part in the kill and receive loot. The respawn time on bosses has also been reduced.

Ankündigungen / Patch 5.2 ab morgen!
« am: 05. März 2013, 13:51:13 »
auf MMO Champion wird davon ausgegangen, dass der Patch morgen live geht. So sind die Raids geplant:

March 5 – Normal Throne of Thunder
March 12 – Heroic Throne of Thunder and LFR Wing 1 “Last Stand of the Zandalari”
March 19 – LFR Wing 2 “Forgotten Depths”
April 2 – LFR Wing 3 “Halls of Flesh-Shaping”
April 16 – LFR Wing 4 “Pinnacle of Storms”

Ankündigungen / Re: 5.2 Patchnotes Stand 25.02.
« am: 01. März 2013, 15:11:53 »
Here are some recent changes:

 Renewing Mist - mana cost reduced 10%.
 Healing Rain - mana cost reduced 15%.
 Beast Cleave - damage increased from 30% to 50% of original damage.
 Critical Mass - nerf reverted. It's back to 30%.
 Pyroblast - direct damage reduced 10%.

The mana changes were to help less well geared healers. The Beast Cleave change was because we felt Survival's multi-target damage was too far ahead. We don't mind good AE as a spec niche, but it shouldn't be so high that you feel like an absolute idiot for not swapping to that spec. (This is the same mentality we used when trying to tone down without destroying Combat rogues being good at cleaving.) The Fire changes were because we needed to nerf Fire to keep other mage specs competitive in PvE in 5.2, but we agree that nerfing Critical Mass unfairly targets less well geared players, and that the spec is just less fun if it crits too rarely. (Long term, we might investigate some of the non-linear percent scaling suggestions players have made.)

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