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Priester / Stat Prio und Haste Cap aus Elitistjerks
« am: 21. März 2012, 11:26:58 »
Stats & Gearing


    Intellect provides spell power at a 1:1 ratio prior to bonuses and 0.00154% crit, as well as increases mana by 17.53 per point.

    Hit Rating:
    Hit increases the chance that a spell will land on its intended target. 102.45 hit rating gives 1% to hit with spells. Hit cap is 17% or 1742 Rating. Once the cap has been reached, hit’s value greatly diminishes.

    In addition Shadow Priests (along with other healing hybrids) receive hit from spirit through talents (Twisted Faith). Same rules apply, once the hit cap has been reached, spirit becomes useless.

    Haste Rating:
    128.05 haste rating gives 1% spell haste. Haste rating scales multiplicatively with other sources of haste—and cannot reduce the duration of the global cool down below 1.0 second.

    Critical Strike Rating:
    179.28 crit rating gives 1% to crit.

    Mastery Rating:
    179.28 mastery rating adds 1 point to mastery which increases the damage of Shadow Orb Power by 1.45% which once consumed by a Mind Blast or Mind Spike provides the buff Empowered Shadow.

[top]Stat Priorities

When considering your own stat weights it is recommended that you download SimulationCraft or similar tools and base your decisions around your individual character. However, the below order should be somewhat correct in most situations.

    Int    >>    Hit (to cap)    >    Haste    ≥    Mastery    >    Crit

Please note that the latter three stats will be in constant flux as more and new gear becomes available.


How you reforge will be based on the following rules:

    Are you hit capped?
    Yes: Reforge any extra hit/spirit to haste where possible.
    No: Reforge mastery/crit to hit/spirit.
    Does it have haste on it?
    Yes: Go to the next rule.
    No: Reforge mastery/crit to haste, leave hit/spirit as is.
    Reforge crit to mastery if the above has been done.

Additionally there are sites like which offer automated suggestions based on stat weights derived from SimC.


    Socket     Gem
    Meta:    Burning Shadowspirit Diamond
    Red:    Brilliant Inferno Ruby
    Yellow:    Reckless Ember Topaz
    Blue:    Veiled Demonseye or Purified Demonseye

When to ignore the socket bonus:
Generally speaking, if a socket bonus is less than 20 Intellect (or 30 of any rating stat), then the consensus is that a Brilliant Inferno Ruby is far more beneficial than attempting to match a socket. However, it is highly recommended that you use SimulationCraft to determine your individual scale factors.

[top]Set Bonuses

Regalia of Dying Light Flame

    2 pieces: Item - Priest T13 Shadow 2P Bonus
    4 pieces: Item - Priest T13 Shadow 4P Bonus


    Slot     Regular enchant     Profession specific     Tinker (Engineering*)
    Head    Arcanum of Hyjal    -    -
    Shoulders    Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone    Felfire Inscription    -
    Back    Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect    Lightweave Embroidery    Flexweave Underlay
    Chest    Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats    -    -
    Wrist    Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect    Draconic Embossment - Intellect / Socket Bracer    -
    Hands    Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery    Socket Gloves    Synapse Springs
    Belt    Ebonsteel Belt Buckle    -    Nitro Boost (utility slot, tinker variable)
    Legs    Powerful Ghostly Spellthread    Sanctified Spellthread    -
    Boots    Enchant Boots - Lavawalker    -    -
    Finger    -    Enchant Ring - Intellect    -
    Weapon    Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent    -    -
    Off-Hand    Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect    -    -

* Note on Engineering: All tinkers now stack with standard enchants.


    Main profession     Benefits
    Alchemy:    Mixology
    Blacksmithing:    Socket Bracer and Socket Gloves
    Enchanting:    Enchant Ring - Intellect x 2
    Engineering:    Synapse Springs
    Herbalism:    Lifeblood
    Inscription:    Felfire Inscription
    Jewelcrafting:    Brilliant Chimera's Eye x 3
    Leatherworking:    Draconic Embossment - Intellect
    Mining:    Toughness
    Skinning:    Master of Anatomy
    Tailoring:    Lightweave Embroidery


    Flask:    Flask of the Draconic Mind or Flask of Battle
    Food:    Severed Sagefish Head or Seafood Magnifique Feast
    Potion:    Volcanic Potion (Pre-pot and use during bloodlust/heroism)

[top]Spells & Rotation

[top]Spell Priority

    Shadow Word: Pain
    Mind Blast (if Orbs 3,2,1)
    Vampiric Touch
    Devouring Plague
    Mind Blast (no Orbs)
    Shadow Word: Death (target ≤ 25%)
    Mind Flay

As a Shadow Priest, your primary concern is managing the Empowered Shadow buff. That being said, how you manage that is for the most part up to you. Since, unlike other classes, Shadow Priests do not have to apply debuffs to function at their fullest potential, there really is no set rotation as it were.

While Shadow Word: Pain has a relitivly low DPET, since it is one of our main ways of continually spawning Shadow Orbs in conjunction with being refreshed via Mind Flay, it falls a bit higher on the priority list. Uptime for this spell should be as close to 100% as possible.

The key is getting your Empowered Shadow buff up as soon as possible through the generation of shadow orbs (via SW:P and MF). The amount of orbs generated prior to casting Mind Blast has no bearing on Empowered Shadow, so best case would be to cast a Mind Blast as soon as an orb is generated, reapply DoTs and continue with the rest of the spell priorities.

Since Mind Blast’s DPET increases with the number of shadow orbs available it is optimal to cast it when orbs are present, however, a Mind Blast with no shadow orbs still has a higher DPET than Mind Flay and should be used cool downs permitting.

While the Shadowfiend has a low DPET, it has the added benefit of returning mana to the caster thus enabling more damage throughput. It is wise to use it as often as possible (unless you find yourself struggling to manage your mana—mainly newer raiders whom may undergear certain content—then you would want to save it for times of need).

Shadow Word: Death is an interesting spell to consider in your DPS rotation. It functions in two ways; One, it is considered an execute phase spell—talented (Mind Melt)—when the target is <25% health (and with Glyph of Shadow Word: Death you can hit it twice); and two, it is a mana regeneration talent (Masochism) much in the same vein as a Warlocks Life Tap however SW:D has the added ability to cause damage while regenerating mana.

[top]Optimal Opener

For the most part there really isn’t a “set-in-stone” opener for Shadow Priests. With Empowered Shadow in mind, you will want to cast the spells that are likely to generate shadow orbs on your target as quickly as possible. For the most part a “safe” opening rotation would be to follow (loosely) the spell priorities listed above, such as:

    Shadow Word: Pain    ►    Vampiric Touch    ►    Devouring Plague    ►    Mind Blast    ►    Mind Flay until Dark Evangelism.

Then continue to follow the priority above. You would be forsaking some uptime on Empowered Shadow for the piece-of-mind of having all your DoTs rolling.

Alternatively, you could opt to attempt to force an orb proc by opening with:

    Shadow Word: Pain    ►    Mind Flay (until orbs)    ►    Mind Blast    ►    Vampiric Touch    ►    Devouring Plague    ►    Mind Flay

Then continue to follow the priority above. Here you are holding off on higher DPET spells in favor of getting that first Shadow Orb prior to Mind Blast so that your DoTs benefit from Empowered Shadow as soon as they're cast.

As well, depending on the situation, it is possible to pre-cast Vampiric Touch (along with consuming a Volcanic Potion) just as your tank pulls (provided you have some prior warning). This allows you to have one of your most effective DoTs on your target as soon as battle starts (similar to some fire mages who pre-cast Pyroblast). You will want to refresh this once Empowered Shadow is rolling.

By the time you run thought either initial sequence (unless you are pristinely unlucky) you should have generated your next orb by the time Mind Blast is off cool down and thus can keep your Empowered Shadow rolling.

[top]AoE & Multiple Targets

Shadow Priest AoE damage (in the form of Mind Sear) has had a rollercoaster ride of effectiveness for the past few patches. Mind Sear has gone from extremely powerful, to beating a mob with a wet noodle, to being fairly decent compared to most other classes. Aside from a buff to damage, one new feature to this lovely spell is that it can now be cast on friendly targets (such as a tank or other melee) to allow for you to channel without interruption.

Multi-target encounters provide the ability to apply several of your main DoTs (mana providing) to each target thus gaining a substantial increase to overall damage output.

[top]Advanced Topics


Haste has become a far more interesting and advanced stat than it had once been prior to 4.0. It was redesigned to benefit damage- and healing-over-time spells by allowing them to tick faster and thus reducing the overall duration of those spells. This is important because with enough haste your DoTs will tick with enough frequency to allow for additional ticks to occur. Below are a few examples of those points where we can gain an additional tick:

Vampiric Touch

    Without Dark Intent     With Dark Intent
    Ticks    Rating    Goblin    Ticks    Rating    Goblin
    +1    218    90    +1    0    0
    +2    2589    2437    +2    2141    1993
    +3    4951    4776    +3    4431    4264
    +4    7326    7127    +4    6740    6546
    +5    9698    9476    +5    9043    8827

Devouring Plague

    Without Dark Intent     With Dark Intent
    Ticks    Rating    Goblin    Ticks    Rating    Goblin
    +1    0    0    +1    0    0
    +2    1255    1115    +2    845    710
    +3    2737    2583    +3    2284    2135
    +4    4220    4051    +4    3724    3560
    +5    5691    5508    +5    5152    4975
    +6    7179    6981    +6    6597    6405

Shadow Word: Pain

    Without Dark Intent     With Dark Intent
    Ticks    Rating    Goblin    Ticks    Rating    Goblin
    +1    21    0    +1    0    0
    +2    1993    1846    +2    1562    1419
    +3    3970    3804    +3    3482    3320
    +4    5945    5759    +4    5399    5219
    +5    7913    7913    +5    7310    7111

Priester / MindSpike Opener und Burst
« am: 21. März 2012, 11:11:10 »
ich sammel da nur mal bissi für mich, damit ich das zentral zusammen habe :-)

Hemnai wrote:
What is this new rotation I keep hearing about for T13 4 piece? And when is it best to use it?

This discussion has taken place many times, and the general consensus is to get three triple orb Mind Blast crits within the duration of Archangel.

One way to do this is by starting with:
Pre-pot, Mind Flay (2 ticks) x2 (to stack Evangelism), Mind Spike x2-3 (to stack the crit modifier), Shadowfiend, Archangel, Mind Blast #1 (with "/cancelaura Mind Melt" to allow the Shadowfiend time to hit), Mind Spike x3, Mind Flay (2 ticks) x2 (to re-stack Evangelism), Mind Blast #2, Mind Spike x3, Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast #3, Devouring Plague, and then the normal "rotation".

The other way is to start with the Mind Spikes before the Mind Flays:
Pre-pot, Mind Spike x2-3, Mind Flay (2 ticks) x2, Shadowfiend, Archangel, Mind Blast #1 (with "/cancelaura Mind Melt" to allow the Shadowfiend time to hit), Mind Spike x3, Mind Flay (2 ticks) x2, Mind Blast #2, Mind Spike x3, Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast #3, Devouring Plague, and then the normal "rotation".

Pros and Cons:
1. The first way allows you to stack Evangelism ASAP, but can sometimes aggro the boss before the tank has a chance to hit, lol.
2. The second way gives the tank an extra GCD to hit the boss, but make sure to use Mind Blast before the crit modifier falls off.
3. Using the "/cancelaura Mind Melt" macro on your Mind Spike and Mind Blast is generally accepted, but because of lag plus the spell-que, you'll sometimes gain a stack of Mind Melt anyway and Mind Blast can hit before the Shadowfiend does.
4. This opener is good on most Dragon Soul bosses, but not for Warmaster, Spine, and maybe Madness (unless your raid doesn't mind you being a few seconds late switching off the arm).
5. If you are using a cooldown trinket, it can be used with Archangel, but the cooldown for most trinkets won't usually line up with the next Archangel. (The exception is when using Bottled Wishes for Heroic Spine.)

By doing one of these openers, it maximizes the damage output of our hardest hitting spell.
My first 3 Mind Blasts usually hit for 90-93k on the raid dummy, and a lot more with raid buffs.

Hemnai wrote:
I know it involves Spikes and Shadow Fiend, but is it simply for burst situations or should I be attempting to throw it into my rotation?

You open with it, and if possible you can line up Archangel for when Shadowfiend is ready again to do it during the fight as well.

Jäger / Re: Rüstungsset
« am: 07. Februar 2012, 14:30:34 »
die wow-woche beginnt mittwochs. immer mittwoch werden sämtliche IDs zurückgesetzt.

Jäger / Re: Rüstungsset
« am: 07. Februar 2012, 09:01:22 »
heulsuse tankt, wenn lamsam mal nicht raidet

Jäger / Re: Rüstungsset
« am: 06. Februar 2012, 08:58:04 »
rischdisch! die Items aus dem lfr (looking for raid = raidfinder mit randoms) haben einen itemlevel von 384. die gleichen items aus dem normalen raid haben 397 und die heroische variante dann 410.
um dich für den lfr anmelden zu können brauchst du nen durchschnittlichen itemlevel von 372.
um den itemlevel zu pushen kannste im AH shoppen gehen.. die herstellbaren blauen items reichen um dich für di ehero inis tauglich zu machen. in den drei neuen inis droppen items mit itemlevel 378. oder du schliesst dich alten raids an... oft gehen da leute rein um setteile zu besorgen aus stylegründen oder um achievements zu machen.. da kann man auch gern mal items abgreifen :-)
freu mich, dass du wieder da bist!!!

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